Do you have any fitblr followers from Paris? I just moved here from Canada and am struggling with where to find things like flaxseed, Chia seeds, different flours, etc. Also everything seems so much more expensive than I'm used to! Any tips?



Paris fitblogers help her out!

I’m here! from France :)


Hello there! The interview at Costa went great. They ask about you mostly; your aspirations, inspirations, what you want to do, what you are doing and similar things like that. They'll ask you what you know about Costa so do a bit of research on Costa before hand! :)


Aww great !! When will you have an answer about the job? :) I would like to work there but I live in France and we don’t have a Costa Coffee, but I want to go to the UK, so if I can go there I will try to get an application at Costa ^^ Where did you find theu need someone to work? (on a website?) Thanks you and I’m happy for, hope you’ll have a positive answer very soon ^^

I live in Belfast, what would you like to know?


Thanks to answering, I would like to know if you like this city, do you live there since a long time? What are the good place to live? Is the life is expensive? Some things like that :) Have a good day! Xx :)